Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are various types of fire sprinkler system installations which are defined as follows:
WET - A wet pipe system is permanently charged with water, thus water is instantaneously discharged from a sprinkler when it actuates. This system is suitable for premises with adequate heating or normal conditions.
DRY - A dry pipe system is suitable for premises where low temperatures could cause a wet pipe system to freeze eg. Cold Stores. Dry pipe systems are charged with compressed air. When the sprinkler head actuates, the air is released so that water can flow through the pipework and reach the fire.
ALTERNATE - An alternate pipe system is charged with compressed air during the Winter and water for the remainder.
TAIL END - A tail end pipe system is where a small section of a Wet System is kept 'dry' during the Winter eg. A canopy.
PRE-ACTION - An electrical fire detection system is fitted in conjunction with a dry pipe system, which is water filled in advance of sprinkler operation eg. A computer suite.

Our versatile foam extinguishing systems.

foam extinguishing system at a refineryStorage facilities, incineration plants, refineries or plastics/tyre depots have one thing in common: they pose a special risk. When flammable liquids or plastics catch fire, the fire spreads very quickly and toxic combustion gases are emitted. This results in damages that cost millions as well as environmental pollution.
Foam extinguishing systems are the most effective fire protection for this risk area, particularly in the fire categories A and B.
With a versatile foaming agent range, Minimax offers safe and flexible application. Perfectly aligned components are supplied in line with the individual needs of clients and according to respective fire protection requirements.

Foam sprinklers and nozzles
As an exclusive manufacturer, Minimax supplies sprinklers for the production of low expansion foam. Minimax also specialises in stainless steel nozzles for low expansion foam extinguishing systems.
TankFoam RTK: Foam maker/foam chamber/foam pourer
These three co-ordinated components comprise the specially designed "TankFoam RTK" kit for protecting flammable liquids in fixed roof tanks.
Foam monitor for external use
Depending on the version the monitor can be aligned with the target manually, electrically or hydraulically by remote control.
High expansion foam generator
Generators produce high expansion foam, which is used to protect storage areas.
DirectAlarm foam
These components make alarm testing easy. For the weekly tests the foam/water mix does not have to be discharged and disposed of.
Foaming agent concentrate
Foaming agents are available for all solid, liquid and alcohol/solvent fires.

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