Fire Protection Materials.

Minimum fire resistance ratings for structural frame members, nonbearing interior and exterior walls and partitions, and fl oor and
roof construction are provided in the building codes. The minimum fire resistance rating is determined by the building construction “Type” and the classification of the structural member as primary or secondary. The height and area of the building and the occupancy classification determines the building Type. Most steel framed, multi-story buildings are constructed as non-combustible Type I or II buildings.
A structural member must be classifi ed as either part of the primary structural frame or as a secondary member. Columns and girders, beams, trusses, and spandrels having direct connections to the columns and bracing members designed to carry gravity loads are defi ned by the building code as the primary structural frame. Structural members of the fl oor and roof construction, which have no connection to the columns, are considered as secondary members and are not considered part of the structural frame.
The minimum hourly fire resistance ratings can then be determined from the building codes. For example, Table 601 of the International Building Code (IBC) provides the requirements for the various building elements. Similar requirements are provided in NFPA 5000.

Many products are available to provide fire resistance for protected construction. In general, fire protection materials should:
• Provide the required thermal protection when tested in accordance with the ASTM E 119 test standard (or similar fire resistance test methods);
• Be a listed product or system;
• Be efficient to apply, resulting in a uniform thickness;
• Adequately bond to the underlying steel element;
• Be resistant to corrosion, weathering, and aging (when required);
• Resist abrasion damage resistance (incidental or otherwise) for materials that are applied within the reach or access of the building occupants; and
• Ideally, be a non-combustible material.
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