Inert gas systems:

These systems use rare gases or their mixtures, which reduces the cost with respect to systems using halocarbon gases. However, as they function at higher concentrations, they require a larger number of cylinders. Their main advantage is the low cost of re-filling. Another advantage is the fact that they do not damage the environment since their ambient warming coefficient is zero.

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   Gas Ext. Systems
       FM200 ( HFC227ea) Ext. Sys.
       FE25 (HFC125) Ext. Sys.
       Inert Gas Ext. Systems
       CO2 Gas Ext. Systems
   Water and Foam Ext. Systems
       Sprinkler and Foam  Ext. Sys.
       Water Fog  Ext. Systems
       Fire Pumps.
   Other special Ext. Systems
       Kitchen  Ext. Systems
       Cabinet  Ext. Systems