General Characteristics

# Technology water mist: cools and smothers the fire

# Fully Green

# Quick fire extinguishing

Equipped with anti-# (- 35 ° C)

# Requires a minimum clearance in case of fire or action

# No harm to people or equipment

# Activate mechanical, manual or automatic

Container # anodised high pressure resistant, challenging environments

# Easy Installation


# Venues motor buses and trucks

Metro Machine #

# Heavy construction

# Recreational Boating

# Small rooms electric generators

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   Gas Ext. Systems
       FM200 ( HFC227ea) Ext. Sys.
       FE25 (HFC125) Ext. Sys.
       Inert Gas Ext. Systems
       CO2 Gas Ext. Systems
   Water and Foam Ext. Systems
       Sprinkler and Foam  Ext. Sys.
       Water Fog  Ext. Systems
       Fire Pumps.
   Other special Ext. Systems
       Kitchen  Ext. Systems
       Cabinet  Ext. Systems