Fire Extinguishing Systems

We installs fire extinguishing systems using technologies and gases permitted by international standards. This system is ideal for protecting precious and delicate rooms Data processing centers where precious equipment and data archives are kept. It is also ideal for protecting chemical materials that may react violently with water. We can, upon request, integrate fire extinguishing systems with other electronic detection and automation systems. Our company designs systems of various designs and sizes depending on the requirements of the customer. Operating scenarios provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out by our engineers is also taken into account during the designing process. The completed project is delivered as a turnkey an optimum equipment configuration.

Fixed detection fire extinguishing systems are available in two categories: electronic (detection) and mechanical (extinguishing). By virtue of the Protocol of Montreal signed in 1987, it is forbidden to use HALON 1301 gas for fire extinguishing purposes. Though the gas is very effective for extinguishing fire, it has very negative effects on the ozone layer. This gas was withdrawn from markets gradually before being banned completely in 1994.

Since then, the gases FM200, FE 25, Argon and CO2 have been used as means of fire extinguishing. However, in the automatic fire extinguishing systems, each gas used in the total flooding applications has its own merits and demerits. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a good understanding of the requirements in order to make the best choice of gases. A summary of alternative non-polluting gases is given below:


   Gas Ext. Systems
       FM200 ( HFC227ea) Ext. Sys.
       FE25 (HFC125) Ext. Sys.
       Inert Gas Ext. Systems
       CO2 Gas Ext. Systems
   Water and Foam Ext. Systems
       Sprinkler and Foam  Ext. Sys.
       Water Fog  Ext. Systems
       Fire Pumps.
   Other special Ext. Systems
       Kitchen  Ext. Systems
       Cabinet  Ext. Systems

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