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Fire Alarm Systems
These systems are designed in such a way that they can be interfaced with other existing security detectors and automation systems of customers depending on their compatibility with the solution. Our company designs fire alarm solutions with facets for integration with other system to satisfy various needs. Several designs options suitable for projects with varying sizes, and compatible with both the operating scenarios provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out by our engineers are first presented to the customer before the start of the project. Completed projects are delivered as turnkey solutions with an optimum equipment configuration.

Fire alarm systems are compulsory in all industrial buildings, plants, manufacturing facilities, stores, condominiums, residences, shopping malls etc. this had become mandatory after the enactment of decree no. 1/11/2007 / 7126  of 12 June 2002. The regulation stipulates that the buildings mentioned below must be equipped with fire alarm systems

   1. High risk buildings
   2. Medium risk buildings with an area over 1000 m2
   3. All high-rise buildings except residential buildings
   4. Residential buildings with a height over 51,50 m
   5. Hotels, motels, dormitories, guest accommodation facilities, hospitals, old people houses, pensions etc.

Systems installed by our company include outdoor fire detectors, indoor fire detectors and concealed areas fire detectors. These are installed in such a way that, when there is detection by any detector, the panel goes into alarm and activates all the outputs that had been programmed to function as such.

Fire alarm systems have detectors that detect the onset of the fire and this makes early intervention possible. Based on the evacuation plans of the protected building, exit points like emergency exits, turnstiles, barriers at parking lots and other road barriers and hydraulic passage control posts are set loose automatically. The power supply to many locations may be offset to prevent the fire from expanding. 


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